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At one point or another, many of us have questioned our choice of post-secondary education. For those who choose a program in engineering, during the long nights of studying, anything from the high tuition cost to the heavy workload appears to be a perfectly justified reason to give up on your degree. However, not all is lost. The pros of attaining an engineering degree often outweigh the downsides tremendously, and a few of them will be explored here to provide some motivation for anyone second guessing their decision.

Engineers are often held in high esteem, and rightly so. The work that engineers do often affects the world at large. Engineers are the ones who solve the world’s most impactful problems, and as a result, their achievements are often widespread in society and likely to impact the lives of many people. Many engineers get the opportunity to be part of a project that will change the way that a community or organization operates. The results of your effort and dedication are often tangible and can bring about the satisfaction that motivates you to excel in your work. If you want to experience this during your studies, U of T has some clubs like Engineers Without Borders that can provide great opportunities for you.

Another reason to do engineering is that it can be a lot of fun. The work that engineers do can vary from day to day. Depending on the job, they might often get the chance to travel and interact with people of other educational and cultural backgrounds. Moreover, many engineers work with, and on, cutting-edge technology. This often involves problem-solving that requires unconventional ideas and methods. Logic and reasoning are two important skills that any engineer would need to have in order to succeed. For people who enjoy solving difficult problems, this may make for a very interesting and enjoyable job. 

If neither of the above has given you incentive to continue with engineering, then perhaps the careers prospects will motivate you. An engineering degree provides you with many opportunities that you may not have otherwise. The knowledge and skills that can be obtained from engineering programs allow you to transition into the workplace with relative ease. Moreover, the demand for engineers is consistently high due to the learning skills that are instilled into students and its exclusivity compared to other degrees. Additionally, the average pay of engineers is also higher than many other degrees out there. You can rest relatively assured that the vast amount of opportunities and flexibility in your degree will be more than enough to justify the few years of hard work that will encompass your engineering education. If money, or any of the aforementioned are important factors, then do not distress, engineering is the right degree for you.

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