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“Yer a wizard, Harry.” The acclaimed line rings familiar to millions of children as the moment when the saga of Harry Potter* began. The magic of Harry Potter has bewitched all our childhood imaginations in some way or another, but the time is now to truly experience it ourselves, at Skule™! For the Class of 2T4, our frosh, rejoice for your Hogwarts letter has finally arrived.

Skule™ is the namesake for the Engineering Department at UofT, and a tightly-woven, incredibly supportive, and spirited community of 5000+ students. The struggles and pride of striving for a better future in an academically gruelling undergrad like UofT Engineering weave us students as one, a phenomenon that’s nothing short of magical. At Skule™, you’ll learn there’s a place for your unique interests and spirit.
It’s time you embark on your quest at our enchanted Skule™, with the Spirit Heads Of Skule™ ready to greet you: Mr. Blue & Gold, Godiva’s Crown, and Ultimate F!rosh. Our very own Head Boy, Head Girl, and Head First-Year.

*It’s important to note that as an inclusive school and community, our goodwill for Harry Potter is not at all associated to J.K. Rowling, her tweets, and her views.

Spirit Heads

Aidan Lachine, EngSci 2T3, took a leap when he competed for his titleship, is now supercharged to be more involved, and demonstrated unfaltering Skule™manship when asked to “jump up and down” every time he walked into his MSE lecture.
Harry Potter Personality: Hagrid
“I offer some good comic relief at times but also try to be a solid reliable person to the people around [me] also I’ve just always wanted to have a thick, luscious beard.”
Favourite spell: Superior memory for exams

Anais Poirier, ECE 2T2T1, took a running start into Skule™ Life when she was sworn in as Godiva’s Crown. She’s dedicated to her role and is focused on forming connections with frosh, even in a global pandemic.
Harry Potter Personality: Blend of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley
“I’m not afraid to be bossy or tell people how I’m feeling, I’ll definitely speak my mind. And, at the same time, I really care about the people around me and I’ll always stay loyal to them.”
Favourite spell: Photographic memory for exams

Aseer Chowdhury, ECE 2T2T1 + PEY is your Mr. Blue & Gold. He’s in the concrete toboggan design team, frequents Skule™ events, and can often be spotted in the Pit.
Harry Potter Personality: Ron Weasley
“I feel like [I’m] comedic relief every here and there.”
Favourite spell: Teleportation/ Changing any food into a gourmet meal

Spirit Heads champion Skule™ spirit and take on different social responsibilities, but most importantly, they’re there to charm you into keeping a smile on your face. Each engineering discipline has a spirit of their own, with distinct communities, so we sifted them into the four Hogwarts Houses. Class of 2T4, hear from your Prefects to be sorted into the House you belong in.


Civil: When the wizards and witches of Civil Engineering are not toiling away at enchanting a building to stay upright, Civ students can be found bewitching their common room for a festive occasion.
Prefect Aaditya Karthik: “The quintessential Civ is like Diggory: loyal, hardworking and welcoming. Civ is regarding as one of the most welcoming disciplines in terms of Skule™.”

Chemical: Wizards and witches in Chem cast spells using different chemical compounds to mend the natural environment. The students of Chem appear to be chemically bonded to each other.
Prefect Hannah Kot: “Chems are definitely Hufflepuffs. Super wholesome, friendly and have a great community”.

Mineral: They may be small in numbers, but the wizards and witches of Min possess a mastery of geology and uncover underground treasures of diamond and oil similar to the kind stored in Gringotts.
Prefect Meghna Ravikumar: “For those who stay, there’s a strong sense of loyalty and we’re ready to open our arms to anyone who wants to join!”

Industrial: Indy witches and wizards are magicians of optimization, industriously enchanting systems to perform better. They are people- people, accepting everyone and revelling in the human connections they form.
Prefect Gabriella Tolnai: “Indy fits Hufflepuff because we’re a little bit goofy but hard-working.”

Engineering Science: These bright wizards and witches have a zeal for knowledge, learning advanced spells and charms. The students of EngSci are quick on their feet when challenged with a hex.
Prefect Maria Demitiry: “EngScis are Ravenclaws because we value wit and enjoy solving problem.”

TrackOne: If T1s could cast a spell to make them experts of all 8 disciplines, they would’ve already done it. These knowledge-hungry T1s have to choose just one path, but they shine wherever they go.
Prefect Emily Goridkov: “[T1 is] Ravenclaw because everyone i know in T1 is so hardworking and so smart, and it’s such an empowering environment to be in as a T1.”

Materials Science Engineering: Materials wizards and witches have extensive practice in transfiguring material into its superior version. Their knowledge of materials extends to the quantum scale, making them astonishingly scientifically- wise.
Prefect Alyson Allen: “MSE falls quite well with Ravenclaw because we’re a creative and research-focused discipline – we’re always looking to gain more knowledge about materials.”

Mechanical: These wizards and witches are fascinated by studying motion and the design of systems. With a flick of their wand, they’ve daringly taken apart some object to study its parts or boldly picked up a Muggle tool to work it themselves.
Prefect Hasma Habibiy: “Mechs are definitely Gryffindors, we’re the kings of the engineering jungle. We’re bold, chivalrous but can be reckless sometimes!”

Electrical and Computer Engineering: From electromagnetic fields to computer software, the friendly wizards and witches in ECE dabble in the technology that is revolutionizing engineering today. A clever and ambitious bunch, these students have big dreams for the future.
Prefect Cassey Shao: “ECE got that Slytherin ambition in the best way!”

Skule™ students brandish their pride through their own kind of robes, witch hats, and cheers. With an assortment of Skule™ emblems to claim, choosing the right apparatus will prove exciting for you first-years.

Skule™ Emblems

The HardHat: This engineering witch hat is the telltale sign of an engineer. The classic yellow hardhat is for you Frosh, and coloured hardhats are up for grabs based on Skule™ involvement. Students also personalize their hardhats as a form of self-expression, like for the Frosh Hardhat Decoration Contest during Godiva’s week.
Aidan Lachine: “I really like the hardhat, it’s unique and when you wear it around [downtown], people kind of look at you like, ‘What the heck?’ It’s kind of just cool to stand out and some people recognize what it is.”

The Leather Jacket: The jacket is the premium form of a robe and is a distinguished symbol of an engineering student. It sports your graduating year and discipline. Students can adorn their jacket with patches to showcase their clubs and Skule™ ties.
Anais Poirier: “For me, my engineering jacket is a really big deal because I remember telling my friends like, ‘I’m not getting a jacket incase I fail out of the school.’ Me getting one [was] like, ‘Okay, I’m set, I’m going to stay in this program.’ and now I have the jacket to prove it. Everytime I wear it I’m like, ‘Yeah! I’m a UofT Engineering student!’ And I feel really proud.”

The Bizarre But Trusty: The unhinged lunch bench in the Pit.
Aseer Chowdhury: “I eat my lunch in [the Pit] everyday, and it’s just like a nice chaotic location.”

The Iron Ring: The occasion of choosing your wand from Ollivanders Wand Shop will come when you graduate. Upon graduation, engineering students in Canada earn an Iron Ring, a mark of their hard work and reminder to the wearer of their primary duty to safeguard society. The Iron Ring gives us power to make decisions, of which we must be heedful, based on our ambitions like a wand. The Spirit Heads revealed to us what they will use their wand to achieve.
Aidan Lachine: “Being in Toronto, I found out about the SickKids hospital, that might be a cool place to work because it’s not like a repetitive job. There’s the R&D side, but there’s also the side where [it’s] on a kid-by-kid basis. There’s a different need [each time], so sometimes when you’re like designing prosthetics, it’s its own little individual process, specific to that one person that you get to basically completely change their quality of life.”
Anais Poirier: “I came into engineering not knowing anything about it, and I’m gaining more interest [in my discipline] as things go along and I have no idea where it’s going to lead me. But I do know that my end goal will always be to use my degree- as I hope and I think that most engineers aim for- to do something good and use it to help change the world and make it a better place.”
Aseer Chowdhury: “I haven’t really thought too much about my future, but [becoming] an engineer, it’s to be there to help people out, get in with design, being good at math and sciences, Also, just a good paycheque at the end. I think recently I’ve gotten a lot more interested in energy, so maybe finding new ways to have more efficient or more green [forms of energy].”

With your uniform and equipment at hand, you’re ready to meet your Professors. They will challenge your mind to great lengths, but never forget to seek out their exceptional guidance when you need it.

First-Year Professors

Professor Bazylak/ Professor McGonagall APS111, APS112
“[He]’s amazing, but also very down to business when [he] needs to be.” -Prefect Aidan Grenville
“He is so kind and so helpful and is always there for every student.” -Prefect Emily

Professor Variawa/ Professor Flitwick– APS106
“He’s properly funny and acts like a student himself at times. He’s also one of the few profs who actually allows chilling in class, something pretty much every coding student needs at some point.” -Prefect Ruknoon Dinder

Professor Cohen/ Headmaster Dumbledore– MAT186, MAT187, MAT188
“[He] has class and charisma that is second to none on campus, almost like Dumbledore.” -Prefect Archit Bhargava
“[Professor] Cohen definitely corresponds with Dumbledore, I mean, look at their glasses. Literally both of them have the answer to EVERYTHING and are very renowned in their schools.” -Prefect Hasma

Professor Ramsay/ Professor Hagrid– APS164, MSE160
“Professor Ramsay is Hagrid: he’s incredibly passionate about his subject matter and has a huge heart!” -Prefect Amanda Plotnik
“Professor Ramsey has to be Hagrid because he’s incredibly brave (before he explains the science behind his awesome demonstrations) and also genuinely cares about the wellbeing and success of his students.” -Prefect Andrew Barton

Professor Foster/ Professor Lupin (EngSci)– ESC101, ESC102
“Professor Jason Foster would probably be Professor Lupin because he teaches an integral EngSci course (Praxis, which is just as important as Defense Against the Dark Arts) and he forms personal connections with his students.” -Prefect Maria

Professor Stangeby/ Professor McGonagall (EngSci)- MAT194
“Professor Stangeby would be Professor McGonagall because although he can be strict, he wants his students to succeed.” -Prefect Maria

Outside of your courses, you will face battles that test you. It’s imperative you let yourself grow into your full self through them. One of them will be adjusting to a pandemic, and its dementors of isolation and loneliness. You’re equipped with Skule™ spirit, armor, and allyship of your Professors to back your fight, but not without a kind word from your SpiritHeads.


Aidan Lachine: “Stick with what’s important, like your schooling, but then also try to make the time to still workout, or if you play an instrument, you know even if it’s just a half hour a day. Stay in touch with all the different parts of you and then also make time to get on a zoom call [with friends]. [My friends and I] just talk about how we’ve been and then we play Cards Against Humanity or Covidopoloy online just to still get that social aspect. Find ways to divert your energy and loneliness into staying productive and staying happy and healthy, mentally and physically.”

Anais Poirier: “Not being on campus is going to hold a lot of people back, and I don’t know how that’s going to lay out exactly other than there will be a ton of new resources available, and so really just take advantage of every opportunity that is given and just dont think [to] yourself, ‘Oh, it’s not going to work out if one aspect doesn’t work out’ like keep trying.”

Aseer Chowdhury: “My mental [state] was kind of going ‘boom’, and I think what really helped me in the middle of that was just playing video games. I think making sure you have a more healthy balance with your hobbies. With removing the commute, even if you were still in residence, you still get to save some time in your day to get to enjoy other things with your life.”

We’ve reached the end of our magical Skule™ tour, first-years, but your adventure is just beginning. We foresee you accomplishing some great things in the future. Before you set out on your quest, your upper years would like to share a few of their magical moments at Skule™ so you may begin to envision your own.

Magical Moments

“During Godiva Week, a student performed a parody of Country Roads Take Me Home about Skule™ and it felt magical to be singing along with the community around me.” -Prefect Dina Bernstein

“Even though it’s been two years since F!rosh, it still remains as the most magical moment [for me]. Purple dye, chanting around downtown, seeing LGMB for the first time, and many other activities… it was an unforgettable experience!” – Prefect David Song

“Black Light suds! The Pit is completely transformed to the coolest most “magical” place on campus. There’s even a Blue Man Group type show!” -Prefect Christopher Kousinioris

“Every day and experience has been amazing but what has been magical is finding a community that’s supportive and welcoming. Also every year Civ/Min Dinner Dance is a spectacular experience.” -Prefect Karen Chu

“In 2nd year, we take a course where we are introduced to material characterization techniques and one of those techniques is TEM (Tunneling Electron Microscopy) and it’s so fascinating to me (and a little magical) that we can see things to the atomic scale.The whole time you’re in awe of the technology and just wondering how this is possible.” -Prefect Andrew Wuebbolt

“Although exam season is really stressful, it’s a great bonding experience and I’ve made a lot of new friends while studying for exams.” -Alum Marie Floryan

“Most magical moment I’ve been a part of in Skule™ was Run-Through-Weekend for Skule Nite. In the course of a weekend the show gets very much developed. The show gets progressed from a bit of a mess to the final product over the course of a weekend from 100 sleep deprived students. And watching the comradery grow amongst the crew, cast and creative teams over this otherwise stressful time was genuinely incredible to be a part of! Magic if I’ve ever seen it.” -Alum Jacob Foster

“I’ll never forget leading my ECE war-band through the gauntlet that is the Godiva Week Chariot Race. Those ECEs were ravenous impassioned barbarians, and their warcries will live with me always. We came in second that year, but only because the other team cheated obviously.” -Alum Adham Husseini

“My most magical moment would be dying myself purple as a Frosh Leedur, and having all the Frosh do the same. It was an incredibly fun and unifying moment because everyone got out of their comfort zones and enjoyed the experience together.” -Prefect Amanda Pasqualini

“All of the support I and all of the contestants received when we ran for Godiva’s Crown!! This community is so welcoming and they all cheered hard for us, it made it much easier to perform because we knew we had everyone’s support and attention”-Prefect Lisa Zaher

“There have been so many [magical moments]. I first felt the magic when I full body dyed at my Frosh and it’s been around ever since. Whether it’s chilling with friends in the common room, late night degeneracy in the pit, wacky Cannon meetings, losing to other faculties in intramurals, dinner dances or all nighters at Chestnut, every day there is something cool happening at Skule. So I think I’ll say this place really has magic in its bricks and I want to soak it all up for however long I have left here.” -Prefect Ruknoon

“The most magical moment I’ve had was during Skule Nite 2T0’s opening night, where our cast and crew were anxiously awaiting to present the magnificent show that so many talented people had put their blood, sweat, and tears into for months. That night showed me that I had found a place for myself in the amazing and wild community(/family) that we call Skule.” -Prefect Andrew Barton

“My most magical moment would honestly be my first few weeks with EngSoc. I used to be so lost back then, but the amount of care and positive feedback I got from the upper years really made things much much easier.” -Prefect Archit

“First semester was difficult. I had a very tough time with calc, and once we got back for second semester, we had gotten all our final grades back, except calc, so I went to the first calc 2 lecture, [and] I was like, ‘Well, don’t know if i’m actually going to be [here] for long’ and like, ‘Oh no, what’s actually going to happen.’ And then, that night, there was Ultimate F!rosh, and I won, and I was super excited and then I wake up in the morning, my voice is gone, I did not feel good, and I check my phone, and the calc final grades came out and I passed and I was just like, I was already up “here”, and it just took me way up. It [was] just a great feeling. And then that kind of motivated me to work a lot harder during second semester because I needed to do that and that was kind of like a turning point for me.” -Head First-Year Aidan

“Finding my own Ron and Hermione within the first few weeks of starting school; I love my friends and I can’t wait to go on more adventures with them for the next four years.” -Prefect Meghna

And with that, dear Frosh, a very hearty welcome to you all.

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