It’s the year 2040 and you’re scrolling through your phone (what’s new). You view some of the latest social media posts announcing great improvements being made to the city of Toronto, Canada, back on earth. As you view these from Musk City on planet Mars, you think back to your earthly university days and life on earth in general. In 50 words, describe how you feel about your current life and the worlds around you.


“Meow”. I glance down to see MarsCat1 sitting beside me. Her brick red and crater-patterned fur is hard to miss. Even her irises are deep red. Mars has their own animal kingdom including mutations of EarthPets. They can’t be domesticated, but if you befriend one, they’ll always be near you.

– Anonymous, Mech 2T3


Oh, Toronto. I remember your vastly blue summer sky, your varicoloured city lights. My interplanetary wanderlust has brought me here, where I now belong. Life on Mars is extraordinary, thrilling, dull. No time or lavish Martian structure will vanquish the nostalgia I feel for your empty alleys and busy crossroads.

– Jonas Martins, Track One


After I finish scrolling through my phone, I look out the window of my capsule home. The blue twilight from the sunset amazes me every time. I miss Earth, but life on Mars has been exhilarating! Having access to the latest technology here makes the nerd in me so happy.

– Aiesha Rahman, Mech 2T3


As I sit in my office chair overlooking the rusty hillside of Olympus Mons, I am flooded with idyllic memories of undergrad. Young, ambitions of old contrast with memories of victories present. I think to myself: “Man, I miss the ol’ TTC and downtown outings.”

– John Mech 2T3


Looking at the news,
Toronto has done renos,
LRT is done!

– Nicolas Gonzalez, Mech 2T3


“You’re upset.”

Siri5.0 is right. It’s unfamiliar. The JustSmile™ injection from this morning is wearing off, and I’m remembering things from Before – happier times. Transporting our souls here was supposed to be heaven. Musk lied to us.


A sharp pinch in my neck, and I’m fast asleep.

– Nadya, Anonymous


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