Andre Li 

Cannon Writer

Read a book

Desk beside dusk

To read a book

No people, then no chaos


Read a book

Sunset glitters the paper

On my ear, an up and down chapter

Ten thousand emotions, a fragile heart to cure


Read a book

I can finally read a book, freely

Let me read a book

Let me forget all sorrows and suffers

Integrate an untainted soul into my mind

Let me forgive all hurts and hatreds

Illuminate my blurry sights with an ideal torch

Never ponder the shackles

And all the known and unknown fetters


Read a book

Dusk is my dawn

My old friends to a reunion

Hibernated excitement since Cambrian

Yet in a sudden instant

Millions of words silent

Again, I glimpse some despair

Dusk is always before a polar night

Will the sun ever appear?


Read a book

A breeze opens the door

Some eyes to start the trial

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