Andre Li

Cannon Writer

It is some street breeze

After an afternoon snooze

A stream of sunshine

Into a long-abandoned palace

A lakeshore wood is an escapement cave

A higher institution is a casino

Toward the basement is the pre-gambling assembly

With vintage friends, and all whites and blacks

An accelerating descend

A restrained heart after 400 million second

To open, to close

To see, to leave

A passage to be remarked

A present to be revealed

Some unpleasant quietness into the hall

Like the time has never been moved

Boredom and tiredness would never be forgiven

But, identity

Your face is like your old face

Can our faith still be our faith?

Speech is tangible vocabularies

Yet stress is the intangible burden

A frozen palace, a harsh reality

One to win, the other to lose

Black percentage on a white paper

The winner never takes all

But the loser always takes nothing

Gambling drives people crazy

Greediness even makes protons break

So please let the time pause, my lord

Direct me back to that summer woods

If there is a solution to restructure our bonds

I noticed a glimpse of darkness

And a mirage from the sea

Where Santiago brought back a whole giant marlin


Let me escape from the palace

An institution should have human instinct

Some street breeze, and embrace the nature

And the last glare of the sun upon my head

Please let me escape from the palace

There will be no more power to battle

One day ends, but like tens and hundreds of years

Black and whites, all will combine into grays

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