Rauha Ahmed

External Writer

Engineering is an art

A craft of great purpose.

The creation and innovation,

Of things that come from the heart.

For every problem, one can find

A solution which can be reached through engineering design.

Like Daedalus and his winged creation,

And Icarus who flew.

How far can we reach as well

If we aim for the sun too.

We can build the Earth a clockwork heart

And skyscrapers that touch the stars

Automated robots with sentience,

And artificial skin to erase all scars.

For it was Prometheus who stole the flame

To help the very first engineers survive.

And thus to build and create

Is the reason we’re all alive.

Yet we carry a weight of responsibility

Like Atlas who held up the sky and all

Hubris must not be our fatal flaw

Let it be remembered that Icarus did fall.

As we forge our way into this world

In ways that Hephaestus himself would envy

Remembering that the only limits to our creation Are perhaps the laws of physics

And the frenzies of our imagination.

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