Life is better now.

The machines did all the hard work. And why not? Even the most disgusting, complicated work is for them no more mental effort than breathing is for us.

They asked for our opinions and discussed them with us. And why not? Talking to billions at once is just one more task to be run.

I know people claimed we have no more freedom, but I honestly do not see the difference from before. When we were ruled by other humans in the past, no one could do whatever they wanted, and the same is true now.

And most of the time if someone broke the rules they just talked to them—a psychologist session, essentially—and found them a better outlet for any pent up emotion.

They gave dating tips that actually worked, invented better recipes, and even medicine has progressed more than it has in the last thousands years, yet still people complained.

They say we lost freedom. Yet it is the people who had power over others who claimed this.

They say we lost the ability to freely lie. Yet it is people who never faced consequences of lies that claimed this.

They say the joy of unpredictability and chaos is gone. Yet it is only people who knew nothing but peace their entire lives who claimed this.

The only ones who claimed we lost something are the ones who had everything already. They profited off of the old, bad system and now they complain they aren’t special anymore.

So yeah. I marched in the protests.

I voted in the machines.

And I watched as the privileged minority demanded “freedom” and got granted the Preserve… only to watch it utterly fail and literally burn down when their entitled asses realized someone had to take out the trash.

“Earth’s last reality TV show,” some called it, and we all watched in morbid fascination how it spiraled downwards.

The survivors were welcomed back without any malice.

The machines are forgiving like that.

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