“At 3:00 I have engineering analysis, which is like a baby calc 3. And it’s probably the hardest class this semester. All the other ones are doable but this one’s breaking my balls.” 📸: Tangia Zhou

“If I go to a music show, I’ll buy the band shirt if it’s cool you know. Become the edgy, goth kid I was always meant to be.” -Brendan Leder (@lederbrendan ) 📸 by: Phoebe Bugash

If I weren’t in Skule right now and had taken another alternative path from high school, I would have probably been in an architecture or visual arts studies program somewhere else. I’d get on the TTC with my big art projects trying not to bump into other people. I’d go to a coffee shop to brainstorm about my new projects. A part-time job at the same coffee shop would also be nice. Then I would go to the nearest art supply store to splurge on things I probably don’t need right now. Instead of worrying about a summer engineering internship, I would worry about an architecture internship to apply to but I wouldn’t have time for it because I am already too consumed by school. A summer exchange program in Europe would be nice but Europeans intimidate me a bit. So, I’d settle for something to do over the summer in Toronto.

“I had to live alone once COVID started. It was brim because I couldn’t go outside, I was away from my home country and I was alone at home. When I told this to a friend, with whom by then I wasn’t that close, she started calling me more regularly. In each call she’d show me her cats. We later started doing virtual yoga together. That really played into how we became closer and how we eventually became roommates.”

How was your day today? “My day was really good! I got to visit the campus for the first time which was really nice. It was interesting to see all the buildings that I saw on my virtual frosh last year in person. I’m very excited to finally experience in person university and meet my fellow classmates :)”

What do you like to do outside of skule? “I like to dance outside of skule. I’m part of the Bollywood Dance School and I like to try various types of dance routines to challenge myself and improve my skills”

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