Who was your favourite Professor at UofT?

Professor Vecchio who taught Reinforced Concrete.

What do you currently do for a living?

I work as an Assistant Project Manager in the High Rise division at Mattamy Homes. I am part of a team that manages the construction of high-rise buildings in Toronto

Did you go to Frosh in your first year? If yes, what was your favourite part?

Unfortunately, because my family was in the middle of a move, I was not able to attend Frosh. I decided to be a good son by helping. I definitely regret the decision though!

Do you have any advice to first years on how to get the best out of SkuleTM? What are some things you would tell your first-year self if given the chance?

Get involved! It will give you an opportunity to meet people outside of your discipline, and help you build on skills that you won’t be able to gain from the classroom.  

You will have many shortcomings, but that’s because engineering is not meant to be easy. Don’t let this discourage you. Every year many hundreds of engineering students graduate from the University and go on to do great things. If they could do it, so can you.

Also, I highly recommend that you check out courses.skule.ca.  Most past year exams and midterms are posted on there, and they’re extremely helpful for studying.

What is your favourite memory from UofT?

There are so many. The hilarious memories I have with friends, the inspirational ones like the first day of class in Convocation Hall, and even some of the stressful moments that have somehow turned into fond memories—survey camp for Civs. If I had to pick one right now, it would be the Iron Ring Ceremony. Finally being given your ring after years and years of hard work is a memory I’ll never forget.